Save Sheldon’s Life!

Dear Friends,

The past several months at GPRW have been one of the most trying times in the history of our non-profit, all volunteer organization. Bumble, our very special boy, faced numerous health challenges and unexpectedly died in March. The entire GPRW community mourned his passing, as Bumble and his story captured the hearts and love of hundreds, if not thousands, of dog lovers everywhere. In honor of Bumble’s extraordinary life we have created Bumble’s Bounty, a dedicated fund to support our commitment to helping Great Pyrenees with special needs. Not one week after the new Bumble’s Bounty fund was announced, Sheldon arrived. Sheldon, a beautiful 4.5 month old Great Pyrenees puppy, was surrendered for euthanasia by his owners due to a serious liver condition.

The compassionate vet who took Sheldon in saw hope in his situation and contacted GPRW. Sheldon arrived at the rescue and was immediately admitted to a veterinary specialty clinic for full evaluation, diagnosis and a treatment plan. Once diagnosed, Sheldon was transferred to an amazing foster home, for which we are incredibly grateful.

Sheldon has been diagnosed with portosystemic shunt, a life threatening liver condition. With this condition, his liver cannot filter out the ammonia in his blood, which impacts his eating and leaves him susceptible to seizures. At 4 months old, Sheldon weighs a mere 25 pounds, about 18 pounds underweight for a Pyr pup of his age. The only curative treatment for this condition is a surgical procedure offered by a limited number of veterinary specialty facilities. Fortunately, we have found that exact specialty clinic in Illinois. The cost for the surgery is estimated at $5,000.00 – $6,000.00. As with every surgery, there is risk, but the specialty veterinarians have indicated the surgery is curative, and Sheldon should go on to live a normal and happy life in a forever home. Because of the generosity of our supporters, we have already raised about a third of the estimated cost of the surgery. But, we need help to raise the additional $4,000.00. And time is of the essence.

We are asking for your help. It is because of each of you that Great Pyrenees Rescue of Wisconsin has been able to continue helping Great Pyrenees find their forever homes for over ten years. And we have an ongoing commitment to help those who need it the most. Everyone who has met Sheldon has fallen hand over paw in love with him. He has a sweet and joyful personality. At times he is jubilant and playful, as a Pyr puppy should be. And there are other times when he doesn’t act like a puppy at all, will not eat, and is obviously not feeling well. We do not want his condition to deteriorate, as it will affect his chances of survival.

Any donation will be instrumental in saving Sheldon’s life. He deserves to have a magnificent future. As mentioned, time is of the essence. If you can, and would like to provide a donation, please click on the donate button and earmark your donation for “Sheldon” in the memo/comments section. If you would like to provide a donation via check, the mailing address is listed below; please indicate that your gift is for Sheldon. You can also follow us and donate on Facebook.

It is with a sincere and grateful heart that we thank you in advance for your kindness and support of Sheldon.

Carole Gonsalves and Crew
Great Pyrenees Rescue of Wisconsin
W2789 Deerborn Drive
Neshkoro, WI 54960