Help is always needed.

It takes a lot of time and work to run a rescue organization. Some of our hands-on volunteers donate time to walking and grooming the dogs, cleaning the kennels and teaching the dogs basic commands. Write to if you would like to help in Neshkoro.

Other volunteers help to organize and participate in our fundraising events. Help is also needed to distribute flyers and promote the Great Pyrenees breed at dog-friendly events. There are countless ways to volunteer your skills, knowledge, dog smarts, brawn and time. If you would like to Help from Home, you might consider some of the activities listed in this section.

Below are some examples.

Viko, Marchelo, and Ryan helped take on the big project of installing new kennel dividers and gates, replacing the old ones that were falling apart.

Nick regularly drove all the way from the LaCrosse area to walk the dogs and help with kennel-related tasks, even in the dead of winter.

Rachel, Ryan and their Pyrs have been huge supporters of GPRW, helping to organize and promote events with their Pyrs, staffing the GPRW booth at Mounds and other dog events, and producing some of our promotional materials.

A whole fleet of volunteers helped GPRW run a concession stand during the UW-Madison men’s basketball season, including Bonnie and three additional members of her family.

Jen conducted an energy audit of the kennel building, donating both her time and expertise in building management. We hope to make good use of her suggested improvements for heating and cooling the dogs.

Julie volunteered to do holiday giftwrapping at Barnes and Noble and donated the proceeds to GPRW. She and her husband, Rob, promote GPRW at different businesses in the Appleton area with the assistance of their two Pyrs and also help at dog fairs.

Lori, Jennifer, Susan, Trina, Bob, Dave and Tammy have helped us out at some of the big dog fairs, answering questions about Great Pyrenees and the available GPRW dogs. Trina also took in a foster dog with special needs.

Check out Volunteers Needed for a list of events for which we need help. If you would like to help from home, you might consider some of the activities listed in Help from Home.

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