You should know

So you want a dog, and not just any dog – you’re thinking about adopting a Great Pyrenees! We can help you make this very important decision.

  • Adopting a Friend

    If you haven’t already, read About the Breed to learn more about the characteristics of these dogs and what you might expect from your new friend. This section also discusses some of the practical things that must be considered if you wish to bring a Pyr into your life.

    If you still think that a Great Pyrenees may be in your future, spend some time looking at our Available Dogs and fill out an Adoption Application (click here).

    Remember that dogs come and go from our rescue and it may take a while for one of these faces to speak to you. GPRW keeps applications on file for about six months.

  • Visit our Kennel

    You may also want to visit our kennel as part of your investigation into Pyr ownership and especially if you become interested in a particular dog. We’ll know you a little better if you submit your application first, but this isn’t required to schedule a visit. Just be sure to call ahead so that we can find a time that fits everyone’s schedule.

    Any current dogs in your household must also meet the new dog. We have a large, neutral space near the kennel area to facilitate these introductions. This is an important part of the adoption process; all canine members of your household must get along with the newcomer.

    GPRW will review your application and contact your references. A home visit is another component of the adoption process and is required of all potential adoptors.

    This visit is a great opportunity to discuss how (and if) a Pyr will fit into your home and lifestyle.

  • Moving Forward

    During the home visit we will discuss such matters as where the dog will sleep at night and where it will be located when you are away from home. What do you plan to feed your dog and where will it be served? How will the dog get exercised?

    We will want to meet the other members of your household, learn about the neighborhood and check out your fenced yard. (Note: this is a home visit, not an inspection. We are looking for a clean, healthy environment that is dog friendly. A little dust will not be held against you!)

    The home visit is also a great time to get your questions answered by an experienced Pyr person. If all parties are still enthusiastic about moving forward, an adoption contract between you and GPRW will formalize the adoption of your new dog.

    GPRW volunteers are more than happy to help you and your new dog settle in together. We want to hear from you!

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