The Great Rewards

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Murphy's Story

I headed up North a few years ago to the Great Pyrenees rescue intending to say, “I am sorry, but I cannot take this dog.” I had recently lost my Samoyed friend, Rugby, ending a 30 year involvement with the breed. All my Samoyeds were rescue or companion leftovers from a litter, and I had no intention of leaving my breed comfort zone.


However, I took one look at Murphy and said to myself as I looked into those deep, sad eyes, “You are mine now!” and opened my car door and my heart. Murphy’s soul and mine met; he is “my big dog,” and I am his everything. I have never had a relationship like this.


Murphy’s gentleness and capacity to love was more than I alone should selfishly keep, so soon he went to school with me. We now go to nursing homes and he shares his life with those who also need a friend. He is an official therapy dog, complete with coat and badge and all. He gets a bath, puts on his duds, and off we go! At first he overwhelms some with his size, but when he puts his head gently on a lap or knee no one can resist and all hands come on deck to pet his soft fur.


Murphy also has another side. When we began to put in a 6 foot fence, I started getting estimates for the job. I was still learning about the breed characteristics only a Pyrenees parent knows about, and I opened my front door to talk with one of the men who was bidding for the job. Murphy, who I did not know even possessed a growl or teeth, went off! I grabbed his collar and hung on for dear life and shouted to the guy to run for his truck. I hoped and prayed he would make it before Murphy went through the door with me attached to his collar. As he ran, he said, “What about the fence?” and I replied, “If my dog does not like you, I do not either!” I learned to trust my dog, and I have a deep respect for him and his protection instincts.


Murphy is the gentle giant in the lives of my grandchildren. He is with them all and we have no fear for their safety.


Love of my life, protector of my home, companion to my grandchildren, working dog who shares his love. My Murphy.

If it were not for the Great Pyrenees rescue, my life would be at a loss and so would lots of other people’s lives he has touched along his journey. He sits here by my side as I write this with tears of joy, and we both say to you, Thank you for allowing us to come together!

Cindy C.


Great Pyrenees Rescue of Wisconsin, Inc. is grateful to the people who contribute to our rescue efforts. Thank you.